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About Our Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Oakland Warthogs Youth Rugby Program exists to improve the lives and character of young men in Oakland, while motivating them to obtain a college education.  Our success with this mission is dependent on your son's participation in our program.  We need your help in ensuring they fully participate.

That means that you ensure they attend pre-practice tutoring, community service events, financial literacy training, employability training, team building events, practice, fitness sessions, and matches.

By doing this, your son will have opportunities to obtain assistance with school work, learn to give back to their community, learn about how to manage their finances after high school, learn skills to be employed, develop a strong bond with their teammates and learn life lessons to assist them in their success as an adult.  We promise your son's life will be improved significantly when they are fully committed to the program.  The more they participate, the greater their lives, and in turn your life, will be improved.

All activities will be on the calendar, which you can find at this link CALENDAR

Following our code of conduct is necessary to be a part of our team, family, and program.  Failure to represent our program, our sport, and ourselves in a good light will suffer consequences.  Following this code of conduct will prepare each participant for a more successful future.  

Each participant needs to provide all medical insurance information, proof of obtaining a physical examination, and signature by a doctor.  If your child does not have medical insurance, please state so and we will know to use the team insurance coverage in case it is needed.  


Parents, please read the concussion information sheet.  It is important that we work together to monitor your son if he experiences the signs of a concussion.