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Affiliations and Partnerships

Play Rugby USA

We have worked together with Play Rugby USA (PRUSA) and Play Rugby California since 2011, when we began our relationship with a donation to fund a collegiate scholarship for our first Warthog of the Year Award.  Mark Griffin has assisted our program with callobarative efforts that have allowed us to begin a survey process and provide more information on how we are achieving tangible results.  We have also worked with Danielle Siegler to provide Warthog volunteers to assist with setup and cleanup of PRUSA Tournaments in San Francisco.  We also have former Warthogs who have have been employed by PRUSA as Youth Development Mentors.

Oakland Children's Hospital - Sports Medicine Center

In 2014, we began a relationship with the Oakland Children's Hospital to provide athletic trainers who had a specific focus in concussions.  They assisted us with other injuries as well and we look forward to continuing to work with them next season.  They also have assisted our participants with obtaining affordable means of medical insurance.

Oakland Youth Employment Program

We began working with the Oakland YEP and Matthew Barton in 2012 when he sent us an intern to assist the coaches with collecting paperwork, reminding the players to turn in grades, and assist with other administrative duties.  Following that experience, some of the Warthogs joined the YEP in the summer and obtained training and employment opportunities.  We look forward to offering opportunities to more individuals through our partnership.

Santa Barbara Rugby Academy

In 2014, we met with Santa Barbara Rugby Adademy Founder and Coach, Kevin Battle to discuss the opportunities they could provide for the Oakland Warthogs Graduates.  SBRA is a lot like the Oakland Warthogs in that Kevin Battle works to prove to his players that hard work pays off.  They train twice a day, such as professional athletes, while attending the highest ranked community college in the country, Santa Barbara City College.  They require academic success and provide assistance as needed.  This is an excellent program for rugby players who do not have the grades or the money to attend a four year collegiate rugby program immediately after graduating high school.  We have two Warthogs attending SBRA in the fall of 2014.