College's Being Attended by Former Warthogs

UC Berkeley, CA

UC, Santa Barbara, CA

UC, Santa Cruz, CA

Laney College, Oakland, CA

Merritt College, Oakland, CA

CSU, Chico, CA

CSU, San Francisco, CA

Jose Pena - Original Warthog

After only 2 seasons, was accepted to UC Berkeley and played for their National Championship

Program.  Graduated in 3.5 years with a Bachelor's Degree in International Business.  Currently

plays rugby for the Diablo Gaels and coaches the backs for the Oakland Warthogs.

Siliveinusi Tomasi

After only 2 seasons in our program, earned his position on the Junior All-American Team

to win the 2012 IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy.  Also re-joined the team in 2013 to travel

to France, to represent our country in the Junior World Rugby Championship. He has been

offered semi-professional rugby contracts in New Zealand and verbally offered scholarships to

play collegiate rugby.

Alan Ordorica - Original Warthog

Enrolled in Alameda College, Laney College, & Merritt College to take all courses

needed to be accepted to UC Berkeley, which he begins in the fall semester of 2013.

He has fought adversity and done what many never thought possible.

Samson Hingano

Changed high school rugby program and joined the Warthogs his Senior season.

Currently attending and playing rugby at CSU, Chico. In 2013, the team went

undefeated in their league and he won Most Valuable Rookie.  He has returned to

discuss college do's and don'ts with the current team and stated that he NEVER

thought about going to college until he participated in our program.

Felipe Lopez - Original Warthog

First Recipient of the Warthog Award & Scholarship

Smallest on the team who played at least 5 times bigger than he is.  Missed one

full season due to poor grades. Returned following season as most improved student.

Obtained employment and a construction management internship through coaches

network and has represented the Warthogs with the utmost respect and integrity.

Attended Laney College for two years and will be attending CSU, Chico to study

Construction Management in the Fall of 2013.

He will be the first in his family to graduate college

Daniel Cornejo - Original Warthog

Attended CSU, San Francisco and now an Oakland Police Officer.  Has

returned to discuss college with new program participants.

Roman Navarro - Original Warthog

Currently enrolled at UC, Santa Barbara and studying Environmental Science.

He's most likely to be involved in slowing down global warming.

TK Moa

Studying Electrical Engineering at UC, Santa Cruz and working with his

family band, Valufa

Eric Pena - Original Warthog

Currently enrolled at Merritt College with one semester left. We are strongly

encouraging him to join his cousin at CSU, Chico.

Bishope Apodaca

Laney College, Oakland, California. Played only one season

and fell in love with the sport.  Plans to play football and

rugby in college until one door opens more than the other.

Tolinisi Palu

Contra Costa College, Richmond, CA.  Plans to play football although

rugby is his favorite sport.  We will continue to strongly encourage him to

play collegiate rugby. He's too good to play football.

Moni Tongauiha

While playing for the Warthogs, earned a position on the Northern California

High School All-Star team to play in British Columbia.  Currently plays rugby

for the Diablo Gaels until he enrolls in a college with a rugby program.

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